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Sexual Health

With our current and professional devices and state-of-the-art medical applications, we solve many  sexual health problems without surgery and without the need for hospitalization.

Shock Wave (ESWT) Therapy


In ESWT, which we frequently use in our clients with erectile dysfunction, the patient never goes under the knife; medicine, prosthesis, etc. not used. As with other treatment methods, it does not need to be used before every sexual intercourse. Most of our patients do not feel any pain or pain during or after the treatment.


The success rate of ED SWT treatment is approximately 80%. Approximately 60% of the severe patients who did not even respond to drug treatment regained their health with ED SWT technology. After successful treatments, patients no longer need the drug treatments they used before.

In our clinic, shock wave therapy is performed with a 3rd generation shock wave therapy device, thus increasing the success rate from 50%  to 90%.

PRP (P-Shot) Treatment


PRP treatment is a technology that provides a reliable, non-surgical solution for the treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation, Peyronie's disease, azoospermia, prostatitis, interstitial cystitis, sexual dysfunction in men and women, overactive bladder and vesicovaginal fistula.

PRP treatment is applied by passing a small amount of blood taken from the person through special processes, taking the thrombocyte content and giving it back to the same person by injection. The purpose of PRP treatment is to obtain tissue repairing, wound healing, stem cells stimulating substances in the platelet content and to give it to the damaged tissue and to ensure the healing of the tissue.

PRP treatment applications are also performed in our clinic, and the success rates of this treatment and patient satisfaction are extremely high.


Stem Cell (SVF) Treatment

Stem cell therapy, which is a very successful and permanent treatment method in erectile dysfunction, is especially effective in patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, Peyronie's disease and prostate surgery and radiation therapy (radiotherapy).

The fluid taken from the bone marrow or the fat tissues taken from the abdomen and stem cells are obtained and injected into the patient by multiplying the laboratory.

SVF, which gave successful results in 50% of the patients who had no hope other than penile prosthesis, provided the patients with the strength of erection that they could have healthy sexual intercourse.

Penile (Penis) Prosthesis | Stick of happiness


Penile prosthesis is a surgical treatment option offered as a last resort to people with penile erection problems.

Among the people, the penile prosthesis is called the happiness stick.

A penile prosthesis is surgically placed on the penis. It has two types. In the first type, cylindrical rods that remain rigid and can be bent (mallabel) are placed on the penis, while in the other type, inflatable cylinders are placed on the penis by means of a pump.


Penile prostheses that imitate normal physiology are inflatable prostheses with pumps. In both types of prosthesis, there is nothing visible from the outside after they are placed on the penis.  If the person does not tell his sexual partner, even the partner cannot know that he has a penile prosthesis. The satisfaction rate in men (90-92.5%) and their sexual partners (92-95%) who wear penile prosthesis is quite high. 

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