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Часто задаваемые вопросы.

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  • Is it possible to be circumcised as soon as you are born? When is the earliest circumcision done?
    Yes, she is circumcised as soon as she is born. Circumcision as soon as you are born is not wrong or objectionable. However, we recommend waiting for the first seven days and performing circumcision after the seventh day, as there may be physiological weight loss, which is called neonatal jaundice, which lasts for about 7 days, and circumcision is not shown as a reason for these.
  • When should you be circumcised at the latest?
    There is no age limit for circumcision. There is no age limit that says you can be circumcised until now and not after that.
  • Do you use narcosis in circumcision?
    Anesthetizing the patient with drugs administered intravenously before a surgical procedure is called narcosis or general anesthesia. We do not perform circumcision under general anesthesia in our clinic. We only do it with local anesthesia. So we just numb the pipi area with cream and injections. Circumcision is considered more appropriate with local anesthesia in societies like ours where circumcision is performed due to tradition and religion. We oppose circumcision with narcosis because of its higher risks and complications compared to local anesthesia.
  • How is circumcision done during sleep?
    We circumcise children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years in their sleep, we do not use narcosis and hypnotic drugs to put them to sleep.
  • How is circumcision done with the game?
    We accompany children over the age of three with games. In our circumcision room, which we have specially prepared in our clinic, we perform circumcision operations accompanied by digital games.
  • How long does the circumcision operation take?
    Although this time varies from circumcision to circumcision, the duration of the operation takes between 10-20 minutes. After the family comes to our clinic and performs the circumcision procedure, it takes approximately 45-50 minutes to leave our clinic.
  • I want to get an appointment.
    You can make an appointment by clicking the Make Appointment tab on our website, you can make an appointment by phone or Whatsapp at 05055917098.
  • What urological examinations do you do?
    Urology is a very broad branch. We do all kinds of urological examinations in our clinic. Patients with sexual health problems, urinary incontinence, inability to urinate, frequent urination, bloody urination, infertility, urinary tract stone disorders, prostate diseases, kidney bladder, prostate cancers apply to us.
  • Where do you perform urological examinations and treatments?
    Small Urological operations, that is, operations that can be performed under local anesthesia, are performed in our clinic, while we perform large Urological surgical operations in private hospitals with which we have contracted
  • What are the symptoms of prostate enlargement?. Is the inspection process easy?
    Symptoms of prostate enlargement are frequent urination, decrease in urine pressure, urinary incontinence, getting up more than once at night, difficulty starting to pee, feeling of urine left after urination, bloody urination, burning sensation during urination and bloody urination in the future. If one or more of these symptoms are present, it means that prostate enlargement has started. After the age of 45, all men should routinely be examined in the urology clinic once a year in terms of prostate (especially prostate cancer). In Prostate Examination, blood (PSA) and urinalysis, voiding test (uroflowmetry), ultrasound, and manual examination are performed. If the examination urine is congested, the examination is completed in approximately 30 minutes.
  • What awaits us after prostate surgery?
    After prostate surgery, as in every surgery, some complications may occur in the near and distant period after surgery. In the near future; There may be bloody and inflamed urination, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, and rarely urinary incontinence. This surgery has a recovery period. According to urology books, this period lasts 3 months. However, according to my clinical experience, this period usually does not exceed 6 weeks. During this time, all the complications I listed above can happen. But these will go away completely by the end of the 6th week. In the long term, urinary incontinence may occur, especially if these operations are performed in unskilled hands. The rate of urinary incontinence after surgery is 2-4%. Again, in the long term, there may be a decrease in urine pressure due to narrowing in the voiding canal or bladder outlet.
  • What is varicocele? What are the symptoms?
    Varicocele is the enlargement of the veins of the testis. The enlargement of the veins in our legs is called varicose veins, while the enlargement of the veins of the testis is called varicocele. The most common symptoms of varicocele are pain, pressure and a feeling of pulling down in the testicles. In advanced varicoceles, enlarged veins, like a worm-filled bag, can be seen visibly just above the testis. Although rare, it has an effect on sexual life. It can cause sexual reluctance and erectile dysfunction. Varicocele can cause infertility by disrupting my sperm parameters. It can cause shrinkage in the testicles. If there are signs and symptoms listed above, varicocele should be treated. There is no drug treatment for varicocele. It can only be treated with surgery. Microsurgical varicocelectomy is the gold standard surgical method. The diagnosis of varicocele is made by manual examination. In cases where the physician is in between, doppler ultrasound imaging may be used. If there is a suspicion of Varicocele, semen analysis should be requested.
  • What is a penile (Penis) prosthesis, that is, the happiness bar?
    Penis prosthesis is a surgical treatment option offered as a last resort to people with erectile dysfunction. Among the people, penile prosthesis is called neither happiness stick. A penile prosthesis is surgically placed on the penis. It has two types. In the first type, cylindrical rods that remain rigid and can be bent (mallabel) are placed on the penis, while in the other type, inflatable cylinders are placed on the penis by means of a pump. Penile prostheses that imitate normal physiology are inflatable prostheses with pumps. In both types of prosthesis, there is nothing visible from the outside after they are placed on the penis. If the person does not tell his sexual partner, even the partner will not know that he has a penile prosthesis. The satisfaction rate of men (90-92.5%) and their sexual partners (92-95%) who wear penile prosthesis is quite high.
  • What conditions does penile plastic surgery cover? How does it contribute?
    Penis plastic surgery covers penile shortness, penile thinness, penile curvature and unwanted lesions on the penis. The success rate of non-surgical methods in penile plastic surgery is very low. With surgical methods, curved penises can be made straight, and in short and thin penises, we can lengthen and thicken the penis. So we do penis enlargement surgery. After penile plastic surgery, it is possible to have sexual intercourse as of the sixth week after the surgery at the earliest.
  • Does P-Shot increase sexual power?
    P-Shot treatment method is a treatment method that we apply to men with erectile dysfunction (impotence), this treatment does not have the feature of increasing sexual power. Although it is effective alone in impotence, the effect reaches the highest level when applied together with ESWT. P-Shot treatment offers a permanent solution to impotence. This treatment is performed in 3-4 sessions at 10-15 day intervals.
  • How effective is stem cell therapy?
    Stem cell therapy has found use in urology in the last 10 years. The first of these is the problem of erection in the penis. Apart from this, stem cell therapy is successfully applied in chronic prostatitis, chronic cystitis, and in the group of patients who cannot urinate, which we call Flask, that is, loose neutral bladder. How do we get stem cells? By using the micro liposuction method, we obtain tissue from the person, subjecting it to a special process, and obtaining stem cells called stromal vascular fraction (SVF). We apply the obtained stem cells as the last salvage treatment before penile prosthesis surgery in men with erectile dysfunction. The process takes approximately 45-60 minutes. We apply 1-4 sessions. It is a very effective treatment method. When applied to the right patient, it has a success rate of nearly 90%.
  • What is ESWT (Shock wave therapy)?
    Shock wave therapy is a treatment method that we apply to the penis in men with erectile dysfunction. By applying instant shock sound waves to the penis, the clogged veins of the penis are opened, the existing veins are enlarged, and most importantly, it leads to the formation of a new vascular network (neovascularization). In this way, it initiates the regeneration process in the penis. While the efficiency of this treatment alone is between 60-80% in erectile dysfunction, the success rate is over 90% when combined with P-Shot or stem cell therapy (SVF). This treatment does not cause any pain or suffering to the person. There is no need for any preparation before the procedure, and there is no need to take any precautions afterward. In addition, ESWT is successfully applied in patients with chronic prostatitis.
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